Tell Us What You Think

FLASH is researching sex workers' views of HIV self-testing kits, ordered from this site.

Feedback Survey

We hope to find out if web ordering of HIV self-test kits is practical and useful.

  • The survey takes around 5-10 minutes
  • It can be done in one of 5 languages
  • The research has been approved by Brighton and Sussex Medical School Ethics Committee (ER/JV95/2)

We’d really value your experience of:

  • using the website
  • ordering the kits
  • using the HIV self-test kits


To take the survey there are several options once you have received the kit:

  • Click on the link that is sent in the reminder text or email – online survey
  • Return to this page on the site and click the relevant link below
  • Complete the paper version of the survey, in with the pack you receive; return in pre-paid envelope

If you’d like a reminder to complete the survey in a few weeks’ time give your email address or mobile number:

Feedback Reminder Request Form

All feedback provided will be kept confidential and anonymous. There will be no identifiable information on the survey. You do need to give an email or postal address to receive the e-voucher.

Paper Survey

If you prefer to give written feedback we include a paper copy of the survey in the HIV self-test kit pack.

To complete the paper survey:

  • Read the Participant Information Sheet before agreeing to take part.
  • Tick that you consent to take part before starting. Complete the paper survey.
  • Post the survey in the pre-paid envelope to the Project Coordinator.

PLEASE NOTE: Feedback can be given by online survey OR paper version.

Survey Translation

If you want to take the survey in a language other than English:

  • Click on the relevant language above for the Online Survey

To complete a Paper Survey

  • Tick your preferred language on the kit ‘Order your test’ section
  • The survey will be sent to you in your preferred language
  • Read the Participant Information Sheet (PIS) in your preferred language, then
  • Complete the survey and return in the pre-paid envelope

Feedback interviews

As well as doing a survey we want to interview some people who have completed the survey.

The interviews:

  • Will be tape recorded, so we can write up what you say
  • Will ask for verbal consent, once you have read the Participant Information Sheet
  • Take 30-40 minutes, depending on the language requirements
  • Can be done by telephone or Skype (audio or visual) at a suitable time
  • Can be done in your own language with an interpreter, if needed
  • We offer a £50 voucher in thanks for your time
  • To apply to take part add your details at the end of the online, or paper, survey
  • The Project Coordinator will contact you to arrange an interview
  • Any information you share will be strictly confidential
  • Interviews can be anonymous. We will not be asking you for your name, address or date of birth