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HIV tests are free at UK sexual health clinics and GP surgeries.
FLASH is looking at another option for HIV self testing.

For some it can be difficult or inconvenient to access these for different reasons. FLASH is looking at a different way of HIV testing, by doing it yourself.

FLASH hopes to find out if sex workers, who identity as women, are interested in taking up the offer to try a free HIV self-test.

Order Your Test Form

Order Your Test Form

These questions will tell us if you are able to order an HIV self-testing kit as part of FLASH.

Eligibility Questions

This project is for female or trans women sex workers. If you are male or trans male and interested in HIV testing contact Terence Higgins Trust at THT Direct webpage or your local sexual health clinic for support.

Order Questions

Name and address will be destroyed 7 days after sending the kit. This will not be linked to any other data provided.
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These details will be destroyed 7 days after sending the kit

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